Image Training Set Available


At this time, the NIH-sponsored Diabetic Retinopathy Clinical Research Network ( is making a set of fundus photographs from eyes with a wide range of diabetic retinopathy severity available upon request to public or private organizations.  Since 2002, has collected 7-field and 4-wide field color fundus photographs from eyes across the full range of diabetic retinopathy severity levels within clinical studies.  At the present time, is making a subset of these images available to any public or private organization that has automated detection software for retinopathy assessment.  The purpose of providing this subset is to allow organizations to test their algorithms across a range of diabetic retinopathy severity and to compare their results with standardized grading from an independent reading center.  As a long-term goal, the plans to conduct a comparative study across multiple software applications to assess the performance of these applications to reliably detect diabetic retinopathy. has reserved a larger set of images that will be used for this purpose to compare and validate multiple algorithms. For more information contact